Greetings, I'm Lathe Cobb, a dedicated photographer based in Manhattan, Kansas. 

Sports have always held a significant place in my life, stemming from my involvement in soccer and track while I was growing up in Rose Hill. This passion seamlessly transitioned into my role as Sports Photographer, where I’ve had the privilege of capturing the raw emotion and action-packed moments of collegiate athletics.

Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Journalism & Mass Communications at Kansas State University, I remain committed to refining my craft and exploring new avenues for creative expression.​​​​​​​
Beyond my professional life and school, I enjoy being in the outdoors. Whether it be camping, kayaking, or hiking, each adventure allows me to destress and reenergize. Alongside my love for the outdoors, I love cooking and savoring shared meals with friends and family. When not working, you can often find me at an EDM concert, where the energy fuels me.

Family is very important to me, grounding me and providing unwavering support in all endeavors. Whether enjoying a quiet evening at home or going on a spontaneous road trip, cherished moments with loved ones hold a lot of importance.

As you explore my portfolio, I invite you to embark on a visual journey through my lens. Thank you for visiting, and I hope my work resonates with you in some capacity.
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